ARC2012 Diary: Day 24 – Friday

Tonight I’m on the first shift. It’s 23.52, we have just 100.2 nautical miles left!!

On the electronic chart plotter I can see Barbados to the left of our current position, and St Lucia dead ahead. You wouldn’t think anything was out there looking around. Everything looks the same as it has done for the last 23 days, but Barbados is just 40 miles to port. Crazy!

Conversation again turned to our priority of things to do. We should be able to make the closing party and prize giving if all goes well.

The mood onboard has been pretty good, not surprisingly.

I caught two baby cockroaches (or bugs of a similar nature) whilst on the toilet. Well now we know the incubation period of a cockroach egg. Nice to know I only have about 10 more hours onboard! yay!

Winds picking up. Got a bit too close to a tanker on my night shift. The skies dark black. I think I saw lightening in the distance. Quite windy. shit, sailing scares the fuck out of me! i wonder if we are heading into a squall or a storm. 1 1/2 hours til the end of my shift. Hurry up!


Author: Tim Butler

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