ARC2012 Diary: Day 23 – Wednesday

Not a  terrific deal happened today. The day has dragged on slowly. Everyone’s eager to just get there now. There’s a lot of talk about what we’ll do once we land, the general consensus is; beer, cigarettes (for those who smoke) and a shower. Personally, a shower, hotel room and a quiet glass of red wine would be suffice. I don’t feel the need to get wasted (which is unusual). I’d rather have a quiet drink with the parents and Emma, and just be thankful the trip is now over. I’m ready to depart. No doubt I’ll wish I was sailing a week from now, just like after doing the marathon, a few days later you think ‘ahh it wasn’t so tough.’ However, I have to say this week has been a real mental challenge.

Oliver is on the first night shift, and has been dealing with night time squalls. My shift started at 4.30am. I have been up and down 5 times to adjust the kicking strap on the boom. Each time I have to leave the safety of the cockpit, harness on and walk on top of the coach roof, and pull the kicking strap on the boom. All the time I must keep an eye on the boom, incase the wind dies and the boom swings across.

I’ve had a constant battle to have the navigation lights turned on at night. The chances of hitting something out here is remote, but the closer we get to land the more chance we’ll start seeing other vessels. I’m tired of having the constant battle to get them switched on.

Author: Tim Butler

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