ARC2012 Diary: Day 21 – Monday

Today has been a slow day. The time been dragging. I spent the day reading 3 men on a boat, a book given to me (among others) by my colleagues at the Guardian. I passed the time away eating monkey nuts on the windward side of the boat, dangling my feet over the side, occasionally getting dipped in the cool water. I don’t even care for monkey nuts that much, but its an activity that passes the time. Me and Will devour a whole packet. Oliver spent the day sleeping on the deck. Will and I did some drawings of each other. We both look black!

There was some drama in the middle of the day over some unwashed dishes. . The toilet hasn’t been cleaned for weeks (not since I cleaned it anyhow), but as no one likes cleaning toilets I guess we’re all a lot more tolerant of the dirty heads. With no ‘schedule’ to speak of, and with an attitude  ‘we’re all adults’, I think we’ve done pretty well so far. However a simple cleaning schedule would have made things a whole lot fairer, and there would be no arguments as to who did what and when.

Mood onboard, not great.


Author: Tim Butler

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