ARC2012 Diary: Day 18 – Friday

Today’s been a non-eventful day.

I got a text from Emma saying she’s worried and that we’re going the wrong way. This further compounds what is already another miserable day. With no wind, we’ve just had to drift at times. Everything’s damp, and the sky is overcast. My reply is short and sharp. The last thing I need to hear right now is sailing instructions from Emma, or that she’s worried. Why is she worried? I wonder.

Will and Oliver sleep while I keep a watch out. All is going well now, right direction, good speed. Then the rain comes again. The wind dies and we’re going nowhere.

I made super noodles for lunch.

I then made a baguette pizza, tuna, sweetcorn concoction, while Oliver and Will sit outside in the rain. Shortly after I went for a nap as we’re motoring. I woke up at 6.30am. No night shift. Apparently the wind died completely so we just had to drift. We’ve actually done a loop and drifted back on ourselves.

The wind has been light and variable, changing direction randomly at will.

It’s 8am (actually day 19) and still pitch black as I write. Oliver and Will have gone to bed. We’re progressing slowly, very slowly, but at least in the right direction now.

828 miles to go.

This is painfully cruel, we should be in the 700’s!

Outlook, miserable!

Sky overcast.

Boat flogging due to lack of wind.

825 miles from St Lucia, and looking out of the window we could be 20 miles off the east coast of England, heading  towards the Thames Estuary if I didn’t know any better 🙁

The boat, and myself smell like a wet dog, perhaps similar to a golden retriever after his morning walk around the park in October.

Things pick up later in the day. Oliver gets out the geneker, a large very light weight sail. We start to gain some momentum. 4-5 knots.

I go to bed happy!


Author: Tim Butler

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