ARC2012 Diary: Day 14 – Monday

I’ve taken to writing my diary entries on my night shift which helps pass the time. Tonight I’m doing a 12-3am shift.

Today’s been pretty quiet. I slept til 10am, and Oliver and Will have been dozing throughout the afternoon.

The fishing line came to life whilst playing connet4 with Will. But whatever was on the other end took the bait as well as the entire lure. God knows what creature of the deep keeps destroying the lures. I just hope we don’t have him onboard otherwise we’ll be a few fingers and toes short.

Whilst making tea before our film night, Oliver managed to pour tea all over his Mac. The boat went silent until Oliver ascertained that the Mac had survived the ordeal.

The wind is forecasted to pick up tonight to around 20-30 knots.

Half way through the film the boat jibed. This means the boat has changed direction so the wind is no longer coming from behind. The culprit was probably a wave twisting  the boat. Fortunately the preventer stopped the boom from slamming over to the opposite side. Without the preventer the damage would have been considerable.

We learn’t a few days ago that this is exactly what happened to another ARC participant who were next to us in Las Palmas, they have damaged their boom and can no longer use their mainsail.

I’ve noticed things can go from bad to worse in a instant. So tonight I’m a little bit on edge, and I pray our self steering gear ‘Henrick’ can keep a grip on the wind and these cumbersome waves that wish to twist Troskala around and cause general havoc.

We now have 1192 mils to go!


Author: Tim Butler

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