ARC2012 Diary: Day 12 – Saturday

I awoke to feel Oliver and Will pulling hairs on my feet and arm. Pissed off that it’s only 9.30am and I’ve so far only had 4 hours sleep I tell them to fuck off.

I can’t sleep now, the engine is on, and I’m pissed off. I’ve done Oliver’s shift and gave Will an extra 30 mins sleep and this is the thanks I get.

I get up to discover Wills drawn a knob on my shoulder. I won’t be doing anyone else’s shift from now on.

Oliver’s sleeping whilst I write. Having an entire nights sleep must have been exhausting!

The fishing line came alive twice, though each time we reeled in the catch, the fish got away. Such a shame as one was a beautiful large tuna! Just as the ARC manual states, the best time to fish is before sunset and after sunrise whilst the sun is low in the sky. Right on cue, its sunset!

As everyday passes we all look forward to having a nice long shower at the other end. It’s been 12 days now without a wash. My hairs greasy, and my skin is oily and clammy. We’ve turned into walking towels, our T-shirts are used as towels daily.

At least now we’re heading south west, back onto our course.


Author: Tim Butler

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