ARC2012 Diary: Day 8 – Tuesday

We’re still heading directly south.

The ride is very uncomfortable.

Last night was interesting. I had 4 hours sleep in the forepeak before my 2am shift. I adopted the recovery position, but lying on my back to stop me being thrown around. The boat had a bit of a rhythm to it. Shake left, then right, rise up, drop down fast and them THUD! as a wave rises up and smacks Troskala on the side, covering the decks with sea water (what else).

The reverse recovery position is pretty effective, but does not cure the weightlessness as the boat dips down suddenly, which results in a lot of pelvic love thrusting.

In the evening I cooked up mackerel and mussels with peppers and onions in tomato sauce, with balsamic vinegar and pasta. Yum! Though at one stage the boat gets slammed, and I’m thrown from the cooker into the nav seat behind me, narrowly missing banging my head. No injuries this time.Galley strap on, no more issues!

We played cards in the evening (shit head). Oliver perked up when we decided the loser of the last game would have to clean the heads (toilet) tomorrow, which at present resembles the toilet from Train Spotting.

I loose! Queue the marigolds tomorrow!

Author: Tim Butler

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