ARC2012 Diary: Day 7 – Monday

Today we’ve changed tack, and we are now heading south until we reach 17 degrees latitude. We won’t be able to make any progress west for a few days. However the sooner we get to 17 degrees lat, the sooner we’ll be in the trade winds. We’ll also be helped by the equatorial current which will add 0.5-1.5 knots which will help us on our way.

Today’s been my down day. Oliver and Will are reading out aloud a self hypnosis book on giving up smoking. I’ve had a bit of a ripping as soon as I awoke from the guys. This is my low day so I’ve spent the day reading ‘The long way’ by Bernard Montessier whilst listening to some Cafe Del Mar, which drowns out the blaringly obvious reasons why one should not smoke.

In the evening we watched ELF when the weather picked up and a few waves started soaking the deck. One wave gave us a good battering.Oliver abandoned the film and sat in the cockpit.

Oliver had a wave crash on him soaking him to the bone. After a change of clothes he got a second soaking!

Author: Tim Butler

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