ARC2012 Diary: Day 6 – Sunday

Last nights shift was pretty easy. I always look forward to my night shifts now. I love it. Just me, the moon, the stars and the sea, and not forgetting the soft mellow voice of my audio book 🙂

To get to sleep I’ve been listening to a breathing meditation audio tape on my iPhone. The forepeak is a bumpy place to sleep, it’s like being in a washing machine, with the bubbles and wooshing sounds of the sea separated by the hull just inches from my head (and inches is all that separates me from the sea!).

The hippy pan pipe track relaxes my brain, and takes my mind off the clanging and wooshing noises around me.

At 5am something happens outside, probably a rogue wave. I’m thrown violently from side to side until the boat is under control. As we’re sailing downwind with the wind coming from behind us, the boat surges forward as Troskala is lifted up from her stern and then put down again as the waves ride underneath us. But, every so often a wave travels on it’s own course ie not from behind us, and hits us on the port side, which twists the boat, upsets our self steering gear and everyone inside, until Troskala is manually readjusted.

Oliver’s having a bit of a rough time sleeping, so he’s a bit of a grumpy grouch in the mornings. Shall give him my meditation tape for tonight to help him sleep.

We heard a lot of boats have turned back due to many reasons; electrical problems, loosing whisk poles, and someone had their hydrovane (self steering like ours) ripped off the back of their boat. Fingers crossed our trip continues as well as it has so far.

Spoke to Emma briefly. She’s been getting my texts, but her texts haven’t come through. At least I know she hasn’t forgotten about me. She loves the videos I made. Thank god! I showed them to Oliver and Will last night. I don’t think they were impressed.

Another picture of Emma in the advent calendar. Still no chocolates 🙁

Disaster struck! Myself and Will have these exercise bands to try and keep fit, though they’ve done more harm than good! I was working away happily on my biceps (oh yeh!) when after I’d finished I noticed they’ve stripped a layer of skin from between my thumb and forefinger.

This is going to take ages to heal!


Author: Tim Butler

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