ARC2012 Diary: Day 3 – Thursday

We’re getting into the swing of things now. The lack of a rota isn’t a problem. There’s always someone up in the day mooching around, and come nighttime we have divided it up into 3 shifts; 10-2, 2-5, 5-10ish.

At sunset we saw the biggest pod of dolphins I’ve ever seen. About 12 dolphins played around our boat for 10 minutes. Jumping, splashing and diving under the boat.
I’ve started listening to podcasts and audio books on my night shift to pass the time. It beats watching waves for 4 hours with just my thoughts.
The baby talcum powder has been a good buy (thanks mum). After a while everything gets a bit clammy, dry hands and feet are a blessing!
Emma’s made me a advent calendar, with 25 envelopes with a photo inside. Each morning after breakfast I open an envelope. The first was a picture of Emma, Carlotta and Oliver’s mum, which I’ve placed above the kitchen roll. The other two pictures have been of Emma which I keep in my kindle case. I feel it may annoy Oliver if I cover the boat with pictures of Emma.
I’m looking forward to getting some chocolate in one of the envelopes.
Author: Tim Butler

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