ARC2012 Diary: Day 2 – Wednesday

Today we got the genoa up and poled out. With the wind coming from behind this mean’t the boat was now balanced. With the main pushed out to starboard and the genoa poled out to port, the rolling motion reduced significantly.

We got news via the Sat phone that we’re in position 50 out of the 190 boats in the cruising division. Not bad for the smallest boat in the fleet. We  broke a Troskala record today, and recorded 140 miles in 24 hours. If we keep this up we’ll be in St Lucia much earlier that expected.

Stomachs still not happy, but I still managed to chow down my dinner.

The guys threw the watch system out. I’ll try and keep an open mind but I worry it’ll be just like the Bay of Biscay trip all over again.


Author: Tim Butler

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