ARC2012 Diary: Day 1 – Tuesday

We left our berth at 11am along with everyone else. The scene was much akin to children on toy tractors and cars trying to get out for playtime, all at the same time. Piggy faced bullies don’t change, and Oliver had to fight for his space.

The countdown over the radio began, and we were off. The glamour ended after my folks took the final picture. The conditions were not nice, and we could have been back in the Bay of Biscay again.

For dinner we ate Fabadas, and not the roast dinner as planned. I managed to keep it down, but my stomachs all over the place!

We started using the shift rota that I found on the internet. Four hour shifts, with one 6 hour shift (called the dog watch), which mean’t no one would do the same shift twice. No one got much sleep on the first night, the rolling was intolerable, as items inside the boat clattered and slid from side to side.

Author: Tim Butler

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