Tomorrow we depart for St Lucia

This will be a very quick post as time is running out, and I’m scheduled in to have one last pint in the sailors bar with Ollie and Will.

We depart tomorrow morning at 11am for St Lucia. The boat is packed with food, water, and onboard entertainment. We have chess, plastic dinosaurs, plastic soldiers with parachutes, high density bouncy balls, chess, connect four, plastic guns, magnetic dart board, and finally we have a new recruit, a 4ft 5 dolly that goes by the name of Molly. Molly will be our 4th crew member, and will no doubt provide plenty of entertainment. She’s a goth at heart, smokes, and already has her eye on Oliver. But enough of that.

We aim to head straight for St Lucia, as if we head too far south right now we’ll hit patches of light airs.

Finally, a massive thank you to Emma for being a super trooper, and getting involved with helping with the preparations. Emma wins no.1 prize for being the best girlfriend.

Carlotta for having to put up with Oliver should also win a similar prize! We’ll look after your baby, and the boat, and all your cuddly bears, promise.

I look forward to seeing you both in St Lucia.

Also thanks to Ben, for well, you know what. I look forward to many more adventures when I get back. I also owe you a BIG birthday pressie!!

Quick hello to everyone at the Guardian! Hope all is well!

If anyone would like to track us, you can see where we are on the fleet viewer. We are on yacht Troskala

To everyone else

Speak soon



ps I apologise for my terrible blog writing skills. Hopefully Emma will edit these posts soon, and make them more legible


Author: Tim Butler

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