Today I finished my contract

Quite a momentous day today.

I finished up my contract today and now don’t expect to work for at least 6 months. This I find is a much more daunting prospect that sailing to St Lucia itself.

I was very touched to receive a leaving present consisting of a selection of sailing books that I can’t wait to get stuck into. As its well known contractors have no souls and should only be referred to as ‘oi contractor’ I was pretty surprised to receive anything but a kick up the back side to send me on my way by the boss 😀 hehe

We had a few drinks after work, and I recounted all the facts of the trip. The questions follow a predictable pattern that I have gone through about  a 1000 times now. After talking about the trip so many times it almost dulls the senses a little and makes it seem less real. I just hope I haven’t come over as a blasé prick. Because I’ve gone through the facts repeatedly, I’ve almost convinced myself that its a very normal thing to do. I’m sure I’ll start to get excited about the trip once I’m out in the Canaries, but right now I’m so focused on making sure I’ve tied up all those loose ends it doesn’t feel real.

Author: Tim Butler

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