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November 2012

ARC2012 Diary: Day 4 – Friday

Another picture of Emma, very nice, but not edible. Today’s gone very fast. I mostly lazed around, did some washing up and baked bread for our beef burgers. Our fresh meat is almost finished, or has grown legs. Just before dinner was served, the dolphins came out to play. This time they appeared in front... Author: Tim Butler

ARC2012 Diary: Day 3 – Thursday

We’re getting into the swing of things now. The lack of a rota isn’t a problem. There’s always someone up in the day mooching around, and come nighttime we have divided it up into 3 shifts; 10-2, 2-5, 5-10ish. At sunset we saw the biggest pod of dolphins I’ve ever seen. About 12 dolphins played... Author: Tim Butler

ARC2012 Diary: Day 2 – Wednesday

Today we got the genoa up and poled out. With the wind coming from behind this mean’t the boat was now balanced. With the main pushed out to starboard and the genoa poled out to port, the rolling motion reduced significantly. We got news via the Sat phone that we’re in position 50 out of... Author: Tim Butler

ARC2012 Diary: Day 1 – Tuesday

We left our berth at 11am along with everyone else. The scene was much akin to children on toy tractors and cars trying to get out for playtime, all at the same time. Piggy faced bullies don’t change, and Oliver had to fight for his space. The countdown over the radio began, and we were... Author: Tim Butler

Tomorrow we depart for St Lucia

This will be a very quick post as time is running out, and I’m scheduled in to have one last pint in the sailors bar with Ollie and Will. We depart tomorrow morning at 11am for St Lucia. The boat is packed with food, water, and onboard entertainment. We have chess, plastic dinosaurs, plastic soldiers... Author: Tim Butler

Today we watched some of the boats depart for St Lucia

The majority of the boats are departing on Tuesday, though a small band of renegade boats left today. As expected, the bigger racing yachts decided to leave, and a few smaller boats also set sail. The conditions were blowy (a professional sailors term) for a short while. It was very noticeable that the bigger boats glided through... Author: Tim Butler

Today we had our skipper’s briefing

Today we had our skipper’s briefing. All the skippers and the skippers mates crowded into one of the seminar rooms at Hotel Santa Catalina. There was buzz going through the room as we awaited our final set of instructions for tomorrow departure. First off we were briefed on how the start of the race was... Author: Tim Butler

Today we did our victualing for the ARC

victualing present participle of vict·ual (Verb) Verb: Provide with food or other stores. Obtain or lay in food or other stores. Today we planned out our meals for 30 days. We expect the journey to take around 25 days, and we’ve added an extra 5 days incase of an emergency. Our meal plan consist for 5-6 days of... Author: Tim Butler

Today I flew to the Canaries for the beginning of the ARC

(well actually I’ve been here for four days) Hola amigos! I arrived in the Canaries Wednesday night for the start of the ARC where I joined Oliver, Carlotta and Will. I’ll be doing the crossing to St Lucia with Oliver and Will, and we’ll meet our girlfriends at the other end. I’m going too loose... Author: Tim Butler

Today I finished my contract

Quite a momentous day today. I finished up my contract today and now don’t expect to work for at least 6 months. This I find is a much more daunting prospect that sailing to St Lucia itself. I was very touched to receive a leaving present consisting of a selection of sailing books that I... Author: Tim Butler