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August 2011

Today we sailed to Bologne and back

This bank holiday, I decided to join Oliver, Carlotta, and Will, on Troskala to Bolougne. Oliver and Carlotta had sailed to Bolougne earlier in the year, and highly recommended it. We had a great trip over to Bolougne, without any problems. Bolougne’s a nice little french town.  The old town is pretty and the waitresses... Author: Tim Butler

Today I Skippered Moonpenny for the first time

Saturday was a special day. I planned a jolly up the Thames to Erith Yacht Club for the weekend. Well, when I say planned, Oliver booked Moonpenny in for the lockout and all we had to do was turn left!  Onboard would be my parents and my old college friend, Adam. Earlier that week Oliver... Author: Tim Butler