Today I met Oliver, Carlotta, and Troskala

I hope you appreciate the Oxford comma Emma!

One thing about living in a marina for any length of time is that you meet all sorts of people, some snobbish, some polite, and others will just ignore you, but when passing someone on a pontoon I’ll always look them in the eye and say hello regardless.

It was a lovely sunny day.

Coming back from boxing practice with Emma I saw a guy fiddling around on his boat. I recognised the boat as a friend Bill had commented on a few weeks back: ‘Nice boat, but no space inside’. Not knowing anything about boats I took his word. Anyhow, the guy never spoke to me before and looked pretty unfriendly, but I thought I’d force him into a conversation. His outward appearance of a bitter man was off putting at first, but we had a nice chat, his voice laced with mild sarcasm was most interesting. Carlotta on the other hand was very friendly and her radiant smile was wildley contrasting to her boyfriend Oliver.

We were invited over for drinks that evening which we accepted and popped over for a few drinks. We had a tour of Troskala, a Rival 32 (not a Rifle which is how I referred to Troskala to my friends beforehand). We all hit it off really well, and drinking wine on a nice warm evening under the glow of Oliver’s focker (gas latern), we swapped a few sailing stories. Oliver admitted that he thought I was a twat, and I admitted I thought he was a bit of a dick, but once he said he’d help me fix my toilet, I decided to put that aside 🙂

I’ve just listened to a Kylie interview and she came out with an excellent phrase “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans”. Well, my plan at the time was to get to grips with sailing, and then take Moonpenny down the French canals to the Med. God is no doubt having a good old chuckle to himself right now, as this fateful encounter with Oliver and Carlotta has re-written the history books for little Timmy Butler!


Author: Tim Butler

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