Today I told my girlfriend I’m buying a boat

After we got home, and after I checked my bank balance, I headed over to my girlfriend Emma to break the news.  Emma told me I was crazy when I told her I was going to buy a boat called Moonpenny, a brown boat in Ipswich.

It’s true, I’ve never sailed a boat. I’ve never even set foot on a boat apart from Stephs, but my view on life follows along the lines of ‘Whats the worst that can happen?’. I know myself, I like to learn new things, I like to try out new activities, you have to get a survey done before buying a boat so again: ‘Whats the worst that can happen?’.

Moonpenny was on the market for £10,000 , so my train of thought went along the lines of: some people buy cars on credit, and we all know how much cars devalue, this boat has been around for 27 odd years, I can’t imagine a boat devaluing much further!

Another thought I had at the time was that until I spent a considerable amount of time sailing, I would have no idea of what makes a good boat, or a bad boat. There’s no point buying a boat with lots of fancy toys, only to, for example, find out half the boating community hate inmast furling because of their unreliability. I knew what I was buying was a simple boat, though it has to be said if I had had just an ounce of knowledge I could have got a boat with more kit on for the same price, but hey ho. This was a boat for cutting my teeth on, and abides by the KISS rule (Keep It Simple Stupid).

On reflection I don’t advise anyone to head out and buy the first boat they see with a nice interior. I struck gold when I bought Moonpenny, and it could have easily have been a different story,  I’m writing this two years later armed with considerably more knowledge than I did back then.

Author: Tim Butler

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