Today I decided to live on a boat

Let me explain how I arrived at the intelligent conclusion that I should look for a boat.

I had moved back from a 9 month stint I did in Zurich, after relocating there for the company I was working for at the time. Zurich didn’t quite do it for me. There’s quiet, and then there’s quiet, so I decided to head back to what I knew.

I found myself back in London, splitting my time living at my girlfriends place, and my parents. I had reconnected with my friend Ben’s friend Steph, living on a boat in London, by us visiting her with kestrals down the marina. We had a great night of beers/bbq and blowdart practice (dont ask). Steph was living in a 26ft Hurley (if I recall), with her dad moored up next to her in a 36ft yacht.

Tired of living at my parents, and unwilling to house share, I thought it would be pretty cool to live on a boat. It seemed so simple to me; I like to think I think in a logical manner which perhaps only makes sense to me. I truly believe  the only thing that holds you back is your own fear in your mind, and the naysayers- there’s always an abundance of them! Logically thinking I thought: I like learning new things, I like being outdoors, I’ve spent a week in Austria in my campervan covered in snow in minus temperatures….heck, let’s go have a look at a few boats!

Author: Tim Butler

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