Brighton to Dover

Another weekend, another night sail. I wanted to take every opportunity to get Excalibur further along the coast as soon as possible before any October storms rolled in. So we had an ambitious plan of doing a 14 hour sail to Dover, and then head to London for a 70’s themed night in Shepherds Bush... Author: Tim Butler

Gosport – Brighton

Now it feels like I’m on my way home writing this post. Not much of a post this one I’m afraid to say. Sunday morning we got up at 4:45am to head to Brighton. We really wanted to do a non-stop slog to Dover, but the fickle weather the day before prevented us from departing.... Author: Tim Butler

Salcombe – Poole – Lymington – Gosport

The logistics of getting down to Salcombe where we’d left the boat was a bit of a faff. We don’t have a working outboard at the moment and the water taxi’s don’t run late in Salcombe, so as we didn’t have any way to get from the harbour to the boat, so we booked an... Author: Tim Butler

That’s it! We’ve signed up!

On Sunday after a few drinks at home, sat on the couch, slightly inebriated on homemade cocktails we signed up to the ARC 2018. Seemed like a good idea at the time! Signing up to the ARC is like adding a wax seal to a contract between us and Excalibur to take her 4,600 miles from... Author: Tim Butler

Plymouth to Salcombe

There’s a few things that I wanted to get sorted before we venture much further. I was concerned about the engine vibration at low revs, and the rudder pintle. We had one guy over to give Excalibur a gas safety check. For just over £100 Excalibur’s gas lines were checked, the cooker serviced, and a... Author: Tim Butler

Holiday take 2 – Fowey to Plymouth

We had a pretty motor to Plymouth. Once again there was no wind, so we motored through flat calm seas. We were still towing the tender, so I thought it would be a bit of fun to tow Trina in the dinghy. The sea was so flat, so I just cut her adrift and motored... Author: Tim Butler

Holiday take 2 – Falmouth to Fowey

After a lazy morning we hauled up the anchor and set off for Fowey. I can’t recommend this anchorage enough. Smoke drifted across the shoreline from distant camp fires, and the silence was exactly what we needed after Falmouth. We anchored for free, we caught my dinner for free, it finally felt like Excalibur was... Author: Tim Butler

Holiday take 2 – Channals Creek

One thing I haven’t talked about which deserves a mention, is how friendly everyone is down these parts. Falmouth Haven have been super helpful and really welcoming. Normally you need to leave your berth by 12pm, but here they just shrugged their shoulders and said “Ah it’s not busy today, there’s no rush”. I got a... Author: Tim Butler

Holiday take 2 – Falmouth and Mylor

Catching up on sleep after our night motor was a delight, until at 8am there was a familiar bang on the boat. Our neighbour had spotted a wall used for drying out was empty, and was eager to get over there as fast as he could. I was eager for him too, but not at... Author: Tim Butler

Holiday take 2 – Torquay to Falmouth

I think we both slept pretty soundly after our 15 hour day yesterday. Trina awoke questioning her passion for the sea. Something I’ve found myself doing many times after a hard slog. I’m not 100% sure why anyone would want to spend 14 hours in wind and rain, feeling sick, travelling at 5 miles an... Author: Tim Butler